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Do you offer after sales support services?

Yes, we have after sales services.

Does your supply chain cover out of station?

Our supply chain is not restricted to Lagos only. We deliver across Africa.

Is Edgebase Technologies in Lagos only

No, our offices are in Abuja and Port Harcourt.

How do I tell if my computer can run a 64- bit version of windows?

If you have a windows operating system installed, open File Explorer or This PC, and do the following;

  • Right click on This PC or My computer in the navigation panel and select properties.
  • In the system information screen, find the system type entry. This will indicate what type of processor your device has. If you do not have an operating system installed, you should refer to the documentation that came with the device. Most devices and processor manufacturers also provide information regarding processor capabilities on their websites.

What is the difference between 32- bit and 64- bit versions of windows?

The terms 32- bit and 64- bit refer to the way a computer’s processor (also called a CPU) handles information. The 64- bit version of windows large amounts of random access memory (RAM) more effectively than a 32- bit system. Not all devices can run the 64- bit versions of windows.

Must I be physically present in your office to make purchase?

Absolutely not. You can place your order online by sending your specifications to the company’s mail/or by calling our/the office.

What must I do if I have challenges with my system?

We have a dedicated help line which is made available 24/7. There are 2 options made open to our customer enable seamless support- Support site & phone line. How may I help you today? (pops up).

How can I check the warranty status of my system?

Equipment manufacturers usually design website specifically for checking warranty. To check warranty status of your device, you need two information from your device which is product no and serial no.

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